Twas The Night iBook Hidden Picture Clues

Pages 2-3
Children’s Father is in the tree, near the top, center

Pages 4-5
Doll is below child in blue’s right hand

Pages 6-7
Doll is next to pillow

Pages 8-9
Mother is at top left

Pages 10-11
Cat is on left pillow

Pages 12-13
Little boy top left

Pages 14-15
Jack Frost in tree

Pages 16-17
Angel above first reindeer’s antlers

Pages 18-19
St. Nick’s Dog to left of his hat

Pages 20-21
St. Nick to right of building

Pages 22-23
Father carrying home a Christmas Tree top right

Pages 24-25
Trumpet behind sleigh

Pages 26-27
Snow bird in center of tree

Pages 28-29
Hobby Horse at chimney bottom

Pages 30-31
Stable Man between antlers

Pages 32-33
Teddy Bear on St. Nick’s belly

Pages 34-35
Johhn’s toy gun left of fireplace

Pages 36-37
Prancer on St. Nick’s shoulder

Pages 38-39
Boy on St. Nick’s right arm

Pages 40-41
Roller skate by St. Nick’s buttons

The rest are for you to discover!

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