Classic Nursery Rhymes Lite featuring Humpty Dumpty

Classic Nursery Rhymes Lite featuring Humpty Dumpty


Richly illustrated classic children’s stories bring timeless tales to life for children of all ages. Early 20th-Century illustrations and simple melodies help enlarge children’s imaginations while immersing their attention in a fun, easy-to-use app that blends hi-tech with high art.


A free introduction to OnceUponAnApp's nursery rhymes, featuring Humpty Dumpty. View the story with music, then help put Humpty back together again by touching the screen and shaking the device.


High-res graphics
Full narration
Musical accompaniment
Shake Humpty Dumpty off the wall, then put him back together.
When used on the iPad, includes a coloring book.

Narrated/Vocals by Allison David. Music by Nate Lee.

Release Notes:

Bug fixes for iOs 5+
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