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Once Upon An App is a mobile app company dedicated to utilizing mobile technology as a robust e-learning platform for children. With a high level of interactivity, our applications engage, educate and entertain young minds. We design and develop our products to exceed the standards of our toughest critics; our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

At Once Upon An App, we are constantly searching for new and creative ways to help children learn. We are excited about the power of mobile e-learning and have designed our upcoming releases to educate your child with a richly illustrated interactive experience. We also recognize that sometimes your only goal is to grab a few minutes of peace and quiet. What better distraction could you find for your child than something mobile, engaging and educational all rolled into one?

Is there a classic children’s story you’d like to see made into an app? Have an original story you’d like to turn digital? We are always open to new ideas.  If you have feedback on our products, a suggestion on how to improve, or a fun story involving our apps, we want to hear from you!

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